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Death to Normalcy
26 October 2011 @ 08:57 pm

Death to Normalcy
12 October 2011 @ 09:48 pm

Welcome, Contestants!

Submit your entries here so I can see it easily. You have just completed the first of (hopefully) many more Happy Romantic Challenge.

The winners will be announced on October 26 or October 28. The 5 winners will have a special post on my LiveJournal and on my Tumblr page, along with their winning entries. I will email the winners and have them choose the item they'd like. I will order that item for them and at the same time, send it to their address. If the item they selected is unavailable, they must select a new item or I'll try to find another site that offers the same time. | The runner-ups will be contacted and listed along with the 5 Winners.

Title(include URL to fic/document):
Word Count:

Notes: (Spoilers? [If Dean/Castiel pairing], author notes, etc.)

Death to Normalcy
11 August 2011 @ 08:58 pm

I love reading, I love fics where it's sappy and cute and funny. Basically, romantic-comedies are my weakness - even if I don't openly admit it to my friends... And since I always troll through the DeanCastiel & JensenMisha Coms @LJ to look for sappy, fluffy, funny fics based on movies or just original thought out plots - I hardly find them or I'm just completely oblivious.

The point of this challenge is for you guys to write a fic or find a fic* based on romantic-comedy movies, remade into stories or high school AUs (that is completed!) that include comedy and.. romance. For example, The Proposal remade to fit Dean/Castiel (Josie found one for me, you can still write your own :3)

It starts now and ends on OCTOBER 12. October 13-21 are the days I'll be reading and choosing the winners. Is it enough? Hopefully so because I JUST WANT TO READ CUTE FICS OKAY.

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Death to Normalcy
25 July 2011 @ 12:22 am
Title: 3:01 
Characters: Jared and Genevieve, Jensen, Misha
Pairing: Jensen/Misha; Cockles
Rating: PG
Summary: Misha's "bored" one night and decides to bother Jensen but Gen and Jared have other plans...
Author Notes: alksdjawe. This kind of took a while since I was texting myself. Also, unBeta'd.. So.. My mistakes, I apologize in advance :(

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Death to Normalcy
18 June 2011 @ 06:59 pm
Title: Roommates
Rating: Uhm.. God.. This is my first time writing smut.. Please don’t kill me. (R)

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Death to Normalcy
18 June 2011 @ 06:44 pm
Title: It Was My Cupcake
Genre: G - It’s schmoop (or however you spell that term)
Summary: “Someone kissed me and I kissed them back. I got suspended,” Jensen recalls.

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Death to Normalcy
10 June 2011 @ 11:59 pm
 Krushnic was busy making cupcakes when Dmitri walked in his back door. Krushnic looked at him, one unfrosted cupcake on one hand and a knife on the other. “What’re the cupcakes for, little bro?” Dmitri was taking off his coat, putting it on the chair. He steps forward while Krushnic starts to cut the cupcake in half.

“Misha’s coming over,” Krushnic smiled. “He said he wanted my special cupcakes.” He looked at Dmitri, whose leaning by the counter with his arms crossed. “He’s bringing West too!” Dmitri’s light laughter made Krushnic smile bigger. “I can’t wait for him to wear the outfit I just finished yesterday. Hopefully it fits, but I guess it will. Misha said he gave me the exact measurements.”

“Brother never goes wrong when it comes to measurements.” Dmitri nudged Krushnic’s arm. “Don’t worry. I bet it’ll look fantastic on him.” He was helping Krushnic cut the cupcakes when the doorbell rang. Krushnic immediately dropped the knife on the counter, washed his hands, and rushed to the door.

“Misha!” He leaped to hug his brother, who was laughing and hugging Krushnic.

“You were always the jumpy one.” Misha said. “Nice to see that you’re still flamboyant as I left you three weeks ago.” He smiled and he let Krushnic go.

“Where’s little West!?” Krushnic couldn’t hold his excitement in.

Misha became quiet. “Sorry, Krush… He couldn’t come along.” Krushnic’s heart fell and pouted. And then Misha pulled Krushnic for a headlock and messed his hair. “I’m kidding! I told him to go to the back.”

Krushnic was struggling, trying to break free. “I hate you!” He laughed as Misha tickled his ear.
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Death to Normalcy
04 April 2011 @ 12:37 pm
 Misha scrubbed the yellow loofa on Jensen’s chest, listening to him speak. “I spent twelve thousand dollars just to say that I hate my mother to my therapist.” He chuckled, adjusting his head on Misha’s chest. “And here I am telling you simply and it only costs me three thousand dollars.” Misha stopped and wrapped his legs around Jensen’s torso.

“I told ya I’m great,” Misha nuzzled Jensen’s ear, his finger making circle patterns on Jensen’s chest. Jensen grabbed Misha’s hand and he interlaced it with his. He lifted it up, water dripping, he smiled. Misha’s other hand played with Jensen’s wet hair. “Did you ever forgive her?”

“Yeah…” He lowered their hands in the water. “I visited her grave six months ago.” He untangled himself from Misha’s legs and faced him. “I don’t know if she forgave me too.” Misha fixed himself, sitting eye level to Jensen. “I was cold towards her while I grew up. I figured that I was wasting my effort for her to love me, to at least show some compassion but she didn’t and I gave up.” Misha’s finger brushed against Jensen’s cheek, Jensen closed his eyes and reopened them when Misha cupped his face with both hands.

“Mothers will always love their children,” Misha smiled softly and Jensen held Misha’s wrists, pulling him closer. He wanted to kiss his lips but Misha moved and put his face on Jensen’s shoulder. Jensen kissed his neck instead
Death to Normalcy
01 April 2011 @ 07:09 pm
 I miss Tumblr. I just type in random Tumblr URLs I remember and lurk but most of the time, I'm reading and ignoring my homework.... This is not healthy nor is it wise. I really need to kick start on my homework or I go from a 3.5 student to a 2.7, which will affect me even more with the continuing stress of my mental breakdowns.
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Death to Normalcy
18 March 2011 @ 09:22 am
Title: In the Dark
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel
Rating: PG
A/N: Nothing special. Just Castiel and Dean... On a bed... In the dark... 

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